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Our robust and durable gutters are attached to your house using a reliable continuous fastening system.

Various types of gutter fasteners exist on the market.

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Attaches gutter to house

Invisible from the ground

Won't rust over time - made of aluminum

Supports 250 lbs per linear foot (weight of snow and ice)

Ensures that gutter remains functional in winter 1

Protects gutter against damage caused by ladders 2

Keeps gutter from warping over time

Prevents water from infiltrating the fascia board

Extends durability of sealant and prevents early leakage

Includes a free built-in leaf guard 3

Manufacturer's warranty

1- No system can prevent ice from forming on the roofs of poorly insulated or poorly ventilated houses. However, T-Rex™ will prevent gutter warping caused
by the weight or movement of ice.

2- Alu-Rex reminds you to always ensure ladders area firmly secured at the base and at the top.

3- In most cases, the wind blows debris off the T-Rex™ surface. When wind doesn't do the job, simply brush off the T-Rex™ surface. Please note that even if
the surface is covered with debris, water can get through and into the gutter without overflowing.